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Sex Scenes

31 Oct

I’ve never been a prudish woman. I asked my mom last year why she never talked to me about sex and she said because I always knew about it. (I did *shrug*). So why am I having such a hard time writing a lengthy sex scene?

I’m getting irritated with myself on this issue. I keep finding myself writing extremely short scenes or scenes similar to ones that I’ve read. I don’t think that I’m forcing the scenes to be in the book. I get my lovers in a bedroom, car, alley, ect. They’re hot and excited and then one minute later it’s over. Talk about depressing.

So if anyone has advice….



30 Oct

It’s time to count down to Nano. Two days before many of us begin clicking away and banging out novellas and or novels. I’m shooting for a novella. My fingers are crossed. My back hurts just thinking about the amount of typing I’ll be doing. My mind is in denial. Well, my mind is always in denial of something but this is kickin’ it into extreme over load. Anybody else freakin’ out about Nano? Are the rest of you used to the stress? I’m just going to scream as preperation for next month and hope that it clears some of the nerves standin’ on edge.

Demon Rescuer

29 Oct


Racy Li recently added a free short story to her website. The story was great! The sex scenes were hot. The characters were different and fresh (in a good way). This just adds to my interest in reading e-books. I’ve recently become interested in romantic short stories and this story is fueling that interest in investigating other genres in the electronic book area.


Demon Rescuer is about Lia, a young woman who is a breathing lie detector and has suddenly become the victim of seemingly random acts of violence. In steps Jasper, a good demon, who works for a paranormal governmental agency. The couple is up against a demon from Lia’s past and must defeat the demon for any future they hope to have together.


This story is less than 50 pages and very sexually explicit. The sex scenes are different from most stories on the market (able to create a fire). The fight scene on the roof is exceptional. I give this story 3 hearts.


28 Oct

Firebird is a novella in e-book format written by Jaycee Clark. It’s a paranormal romance about Cyzarine and Staker, two shifters with a bloody past and no contact for the last 20 years. Reen is an assassin who works for the Hunters, an organization that eliminates paranormal problematic creatures. She is also a rare firebird shifter. Staker is a falcon shifter who wants Reen. The two must work together to search for Reen’s missing friend.


Little do they about the man they are up against. He is the Collector. He collects rare women preferably shifters. He hunts them, snares them, and never lets them go. Can Reen and Staker overcome their past in order to have a future?


I enjoyed this short story. It was less than 88 pages and only cost $3.50. It didn’t cut many corners. The descriptions and emotions introduced were followed. There were two sex scenes that felt natural for the course of the story. The animosity between the hero and heroine didn’t disappear so that the two could get together. It remained a problem throughout the story, as it should have. That is part of the reason I liked this story. A huge obstacle appeared in the prologue and it wasn’t dismissed.


I’m introducing a new scale that only applies to e-books: 1-3 hearts. 1=Don’t waste you money on this, 2=It’s okay, and 3=great short story for the money

I give Firebird 3 hearts.

Light My Fire

27 Oct

A few weeks ago I was salivating all over the expected release of Katie MacAlister’s new book Light My Fire. MacAlister has given me a character that I sympathise with, care for, and want to see succeed. The books seem to cover about one month per book of Aisling’s life.

This writing made me realize what’s been missing in the other books I’ve read lately. A nice, relaxed, steady pace. With this series I don’t feel rushed. The time frame is realistic. Problems are still found everywhere at the end of the story but that’s okay. Life isn’t tidy and MacAlister doesn’t write like it is. By doing so MacAlister is allows her heroine to mature and grow with the story not have the story demand she come to some kind of realization or clean conclusion. I’m going to give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars because I liked it.

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13 traits not found in a bestselling romance novel

26 Oct
Thirteen traits you won’t find in a bestselling romance novel:
1…Hero with a face full of pimples

2…Wimpy, unmotivated hero (beer drinking/belching couch potato)

3…Nose picking, butt picking, underwear picking, ect

4…A perfect man with no flaws (that’s stretching it a little too much!)

5…Spineless, honorless, despicable lead characters

6…”Honey, you really should shave. Your legs are giving me razor burn.”

7…Heroine killing the Hero because he’s a jack ass

8…A couple falling in love and living happily ever after broke

9…The heroine having five kids and the hero leaving her for he new woman

10…The heroine catching the love of her life with her underwear on

11…A hero asking his love to get a boob job

12…The perfect couple (why do we want to read about that?)

13…A man/woman (your choice) we would never want to have sex with

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Hit Hard

25 Oct

Amazon FetzerI’m a little torn by this book by Amy Fetzer. Hit Hardreintroduces us to Viva Fiori (Naked Truth) a woman unable to stay interested in any hobby or job for long. When we meet Viva she is on an archaeological dig in Thailand. She is given charge of a priceless ancient bracelet and told to take it to a museum curator in Bangkok. Viva’s train is held-up on route and she fights with rebels for custody of the bracelet. In steps Sam Wyatt, a mercenary with a conscious. Continue reading

Finding Work

24 Oct

Finding work in the field of books is prooving to be harder than I thought. I know what I want to do (get paid for reading romance novels) but figuring out how to do it is proving problematic. One major problem is my inablility to relocate for a job. I want to stay where I live-it’s a nice place to raise kids-but I also want to work in the field that I love. I’ve been researching like a psycho this last week with no positive results. I’ve looked at several freelance writing databases with no success.


When people suggest a book

23 Oct

When people suggest books for you to read, do you read them? I usually try to. It’s a great conversation starter and exposes me to a wider variety of books than I normally would read.

When someone suggests a book based on what they think you like to read and you hate it what do you do? This just happened to me last night. I was given a book on Thursday of last week along with the message: “I think you’re really going to like this series. It’s written by Lora Leigh and you liked the Pride series she wrote.”

I liked the idea of the Pride series. I read one book from the series and the sex scenes were smokin’. The plot line was pretty lame though. I decided to be a good sport and read the first chapter last night. I was disgusted. The book made me uncomfortable and not in a good way. After reading the first page I knew that it wasn’t my kind of book. So tomorrow when I see this person I’ll have to tell her so. I don’t want to hurt her feelings but I also don’t want to pretend to like this brand of erotica (there I said it).

Help! Suggestions wanted!


22 Oct

Sorry! I’m such a hypocrite. This week I posted a comment on my preferences for bloggers. Namely that I would like some kind of warning if they aren’t going to be writing so that I don’t keep going to their site looking for something new. This weekend I took my daughter to her Tae Kwon Do tournament and forgot my laptop. I didn’t post for two days and left no warning. Sorry!! I just returned home and would like to say that it won’t happen again but knowing me it probably will. (Side note: My daughter received two first place medals, one for sparring and the other for forms).