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Dark Need

3 Oct

Dark Need book cover

I’m really into the Darkyn series. Last night I was in need of a diversion so I pulled this book off the shelf and reread it. The book is about homicide cop Samantha and her love interest Darkyn/club owner Lucan. Lucan is also a former assassin. At the same time as the love story is taking place with Samantha and Lucan there is another vein that is running. The bad guys have the same amount of time devoted to their story as the love story.

The book is well written and I’m waiting for the new book to be released (April 2007). Mulling over the sneak peak the back of the book offered has left me intrigued. Either there is a huge flaw or (more likely) something is missing, keeping me from understanding why a girl would tear a wall down with a sledgehammer, enter the hole that is obviously abandoned, and begin releasing a guy from a mock crucifixion. This is not a new wall; it’s old, and musty yet she helps this man that she acknowledges not knowing if he has been there for weeks or months ect..

The beginning of next year is going to be great for book releases. I’ll have my Kenyon, Viehl, and Ward fixes around the same time. Whoo Hooooo!!!