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Just a Thought

4 Oct

Most people crack up at the different romance covers that are floating around the world. The men are supposed to be sexy and well built and the women too. I’ve heard of people writing their heroines in a more approachable manner (overweight) in other words in an appearance that those of us who aren’t size 1 or 4 can relate. My heroine is 20lbs. overweight and obsessive. Her hero doesn’t understand the problem. I wonder if I made her confident and 50lbs. overweight how many people would have a problem.

On the same note, what about making men more realistic? How many of us know and talk to men who are stacked: the tortured, sexy, tall, muscular alpha male? Would you want to read about a skinny man that you have trained?


Yes, I’m a hypocrite. I want the female to have traits that I can relate to, be it sassy, smart mouth, tough, overweight, flawed (you get the point). My men I want tall, sexy, muscular, and rich. It’s my make-believe world so it gets to fulfill my desires. That said, I wonder how long it’ll be before there are books about the skinny, poor, struggling geek who gets the model?