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Love at First Bite

6 Oct


 Am I doomed? This makes book number three from my favorite authors that bombed. Kenyon penned an extremely predictable short (and I mean short) story that pissed me off. Until Death do us part, we meet the only married pair of Dark-hunters that were converted together. Esperetta, the daughter of Dracula, fell in love with her family’s mortal enemy, Velkan. To make a long story short, they were going to pull a Romeo and Juliet but Dracula stabbed Esperetta in the heart before torturing Velkan to death. Esperetta awakens in a grave, claws her way to the surface, and finds her husband killing her father and giving his head to the Turks. Esperetta can’t forgive Velkan for murdering her father and leaves him.

Five hundred years later, Esperetta is tricked into returning to Romania, sees her hubby, and Bam! they’re back together. Esperetta sucks as a heroine because she doesn’t stick with what she says. Not only that but after five hundred years I don’t believe that a couple is going to make up in a couple of days.

L. A. Banks wrote Ride the Night Away in a style that I can appreciate. I love the way she writes dialogue because I believe it. The words are ones that I can relate to and that makes me extremely comfortable. So what’s the problem? I just didn’t like the story. This guy has been dreaming of a girl and vv. One dark night evil erupts from a building where said guy is painting a mural. He flees and on his way sees a girl being attacked. He goes back for her and saves her. Flash forward to unbelievable sex scenes meshed with tender vows before they are told they can’t be together, yet. I forced myself to finish this story because it just wasn’t a story line that I cared for.

Susan Squires The Gift. It’s time to say this, I don’t like regency romance novels. They bore me to tears and so did this. There were many sex scenes involving the hero and a vampire queen, the antagonist. The heroine is determined to save the hero and embarks on a life altering path. I’m not saying anything else other than, I didn’t like this short story either.

Finally just when I thought I was going to make it through the book I run into The Forgotten One by Rhonda Thomas. This book is a small portion of the Wulf series and if you liked that series maybe you’ll like this (doubtful). This story is about Anne Baldwin and her stable master Merrick. It is extremely formulaic and predictable making me feel as if I read this story a thousand times. Enough said, I’m going to give this book 1 star out of 5. The one star is because normally I like these authors just not today.