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Writing to be Published

9 Oct

Sometimes I wonder if writing for oneself is ‘easier’ than writing to be published. Being able to write what you want without fear of what someone else will think is exhillarating. But writing and knowing that you were able to enthrall someone else is more appealing to me. This is a problem area for me as well. As someone who reads the genre and wants to be published I often find myself starting many things and not finishing them because of my mood swings. Sometimes I sit down to write and think maybe I’ll do the attack scene but I’ll get sidetracked emotionally and end up writing something totally different (a tear jerker moment).

I know the answer to this problem (keep a journal sep. from my stories) but I also hate books that are unrealistic. The books where you know for a fact that there is no way you would, for example, have passionate sex with the man who just killed your brother. I think this may be another way my inner saboteur is working to prevent me completing a book.