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15 Oct

Kiss Me DeadlyKing of Prey

 I bought my first e-books yesterday and loved them. I bought Shannon Stacey’s Kiss Me Deadly and Mandy Roth’s King of Prey. It was very exciting for me to find two novellas that I enjoyed. One of my major pet peeves is when authors try to introduce to many situations and people. In Stacey’s Kiss Me Deadly Bridget awakens from a realistic dream of a naked man standing over her. When she looks around her room she is surprised to find a large raven instead of a man in her room. She tries to shoo the bird out of her house and when that fails she whacks it with a pillow. The raven crashes into the wall and turns into a man. Fear overwhelms her and she makes a dash for the door despite the warnings from the wereraven. Outside are thousands of ravens (flashback to the Birds movie?). Continue reading