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13 traits not found in a bestselling romance novel

26 Oct
Thirteen traits you won’t find in a bestselling romance novel:
1…Hero with a face full of pimples

2…Wimpy, unmotivated hero (beer drinking/belching couch potato)

3…Nose picking, butt picking, underwear picking, ect

4…A perfect man with no flaws (that’s stretching it a little too much!)

5…Spineless, honorless, despicable lead characters

6…”Honey, you really should shave. Your legs are giving me razor burn.”

7…Heroine killing the Hero because he’s a jack ass

8…A couple falling in love and living happily ever after broke

9…The heroine having five kids and the hero leaving her for he new woman

10…The heroine catching the love of her life with her underwear on

11…A hero asking his love to get a boob job

12…The perfect couple (why do we want to read about that?)

13…A man/woman (your choice) we would never want to have sex with

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