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Light My Fire

27 Oct

A few weeks ago I was salivating all over the expected release of Katie MacAlister’s new book Light My Fire. MacAlister has given me a character that I sympathise with, care for, and want to see succeed. The books seem to cover about one month per book of Aisling’s life.

This writing made me realize what’s been missing in the other books I’ve read lately. A nice, relaxed, steady pace. With this series I don’t feel rushed. The time frame is realistic. Problems are still found everywhere at the end of the story but that’s okay. Life isn’t tidy and MacAlister doesn’t write like it is. By doing so MacAlister is allows her heroine to mature and grow with the story not have the story demand she come to some kind of realization or clean conclusion. I’m going to give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars because I liked it.

On a side note, I took the quiz at to find out which dragon sept I should join. Here are the results:

  Which Dragon Sept is Right For You?  

You’re hip, in touch with what you want and who you are, don’t take no for an answer, and have a healthy self-image. You would do well with the Blue Dragon Sept.
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