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28 Oct

Firebird is a novella in e-book format written by Jaycee Clark. It’s a paranormal romance about Cyzarine and Staker, two shifters with a bloody past and no contact for the last 20 years. Reen is an assassin who works for the Hunters, an organization that eliminates paranormal problematic creatures. She is also a rare firebird shifter. Staker is a falcon shifter who wants Reen. The two must work together to search for Reen’s missing friend.


Little do they about the man they are up against. He is the Collector. He collects rare women preferably shifters. He hunts them, snares them, and never lets them go. Can Reen and Staker overcome their past in order to have a future?


I enjoyed this short story. It was less than 88 pages and only cost $3.50. It didn’t cut many corners. The descriptions and emotions introduced were followed. There were two sex scenes that felt natural for the course of the story. The animosity between the hero and heroine didn’t disappear so that the two could get together. It remained a problem throughout the story, as it should have. That is part of the reason I liked this story. A huge obstacle appeared in the prologue and it wasn’t dismissed.


I’m introducing a new scale that only applies to e-books: 1-3 hearts. 1=Don’t waste you money on this, 2=It’s okay, and 3=great short story for the money

I give Firebird 3 hearts.