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Demon Rescuer

29 Oct


Racy Li recently added a free short story to her website. The story was great! The sex scenes were hot. The characters were different and fresh (in a good way). This just adds to my interest in reading e-books. I’ve recently become interested in romantic short stories and this story is fueling that interest in investigating other genres in the electronic book area.


Demon Rescuer is about Lia, a young woman who is a breathing lie detector and has suddenly become the victim of seemingly random acts of violence. In steps Jasper, a good demon, who works for a paranormal governmental agency. The couple is up against a demon from Lia’s past and must defeat the demon for any future they hope to have together.


This story is less than 50 pages and very sexually explicit. The sex scenes are different from most stories on the market (able to create a fire). The fight scene on the roof is exceptional. I give this story 3 hearts.