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13 Sites I’ve Visited Lately (In Random Order)

30 Nov
Thirteen Sites I’ve Visited Lately (Random Order)

1. A Newbies Guide to Publishing

2. Smart Bitches

3. Super Sexy Hero Stories

4. Midnight Moon Café

5. The Write Snark

6. Dear Author

7. Teach me Tonight

8. Paperback Reader

9. Book Fetish

10. What Were You Expecting

11. Nobody asked Me…

12. Jaci Burton

13. Longmire does Romance

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Can you believe it?

28 Nov

Can you believe that Heroes is almost over for the season? I’m dying to know what is going to happen next week. Any guesses? Well, I have a love/hate relationship with series television. When I find a show that I really get into (like General Hospital when I was a teenager) I can’t stand time away. This is similar to how I feel when Feehan gives me a little taste of her next book then makes me wait for it. It’s not anticipation, it is irritation.

Back to Heroes, now we know that Claire’s dad has known for awhile about her miraculous ability to hear herself. We know that Sylar is a complete freak. What we don’t know is the season finaly. Do you hear my screams of agony? Do you feel my pain? How can they not know that I was not meant to wait for entertainment? Well, I guess I’ll get back to that little anatomy test I have tomorrow…Why, oh why can’t it be Gray’s Anatomy?

Not Winning Nano

27 Nov

I’m very disappointed in myself. I’m not going to win nano this year. I have a million excuses but I just took on too much this month. I’m in countdown to graduating with my BA in English. I need to decide if I’m going for my Masters. I had a test in all five of my classes, papers in three, and my online portfolio all due this month. I have two kids who take up most of my day. I’m also beginning to search for possible jobs.

Like I said, I’m full of excuses. I didn’t accomplish half of what I wanted to but I’m going to continue with the writing project I started with Nano. Hopefully, given a little more time I’ll complete this project. I’m not upset about failing Nano; I’m just slightly disappointed that I wasn’t able to juggle a little bit better.                         



26 Nov

Usually I write about books. Today, I’m going to write about the movie Tsotsi. Tsotsi is about a young man in South Africa leading a life of crime. We later learn about his upbringing or lack of before meshing that past with the present in the hope of redemption.

Can someone who has lived life with little emotion be redeemed? This movie implies yes. It is a foreign film (so it has subtitles) but by the end of it I was crying. Basically, Tsotsi carjacks and shoots a woman but as he drives down the road he hears a sound from the back seat: an infant in a car seat.

Tsotsi cares for the baby and travels down a path that teaches him about decency and the hope that people can change. The movie also shows the great economic divisions existing in South Africa and how economic hardship often imposes its own imprint on individuals. This movie is graphic and realistic. It is hard, yet it finds a gentler side of humanity. It is definitely a movie worth viewing.

Hidden in America

25 Nov

Slap me with a shovel  and call me stupid. I’ve seen a hidden side to my country that disgusts/worries me. Continue reading

Really Bad Book

24 Nov

I have just finished reading a really bad book. Continue reading

13 Ingredients in Today’s Meal

23 Nov
13 Ingredients in Today’s Meal

1. Turkey (already in the oven)

2. Mushrooms (for stuffing & baking)

3. Cheddar Cheese (for mushrooms/potato salad)

4. Cream Cheese (cheese cake)

5. Red Potato (Potato Salad)

6. Sour Cream (Potato Salad)

7. Stuffing (Stovetop)

8. Sweat Potatos (Pie)

9. Pie Crust (Store bought)

10. Bread (Is it dinner without it?)

11. Green Beans (casserole)

12. Cream of Mushroom Soup (casserole)

13. Bacon (Potato salad/on the turkey)

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