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Edge of Twilight

3 Jan

Favorite line: ” I say we douse him in gasoline, give him a head start and then see which of us can be the first to hit him with a lit match.” Rhiannon smiled.  “It’ll be like a game of tag. Only, you know, better.” -(236)

I bought Edge of Twilight by Maggie Shayne when it was released. You can read the first two chapters here. I remember reading it and liking it enough to keep. As usual, I forgot what I liked about this book until I reread it last night.

Edgar (Edge) is seeking revenge against the man who destroyed his group of fledgling vampires forty years ago. Amber Lilly (Alby) is the child of promise. Born of a vampiress she is part vampire and part human, or she was until Frank Stiles caught her and repeatedly killed her. Edge knows that Stiles still wants Alby and plots to lure Stiles to Salem. He didn’t count on falling for Alby or the little surprise that will change his life forever.

I loved Alby. She was smart and comfortable with herself. She was surrounded by love and protected yet she wasn’t spoiled. She didn’t take love for granted. Edge was protective and passionate. He was sexy and able to apologize when needed. I enjoyed this couple immensely.  I like the idea of a child that could change the future. I did not like the fledglings girls that were introduced in the beginning and Edge’s idolization of one of them. I’d give this book 4 stars.