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World of Women’s Issues

4 Jan
Thirteen Women’s Issues from around the World

1. Eve Teasing comes to us from India where women are sexually
harassed as the walk down the street.

2. Self Immolation has been occurring in Afghanistan partially due to women needing
an escape povery, domestic abuse, and repression to name a few. The act of
burning themselves alive is meant to show their protest to the society to which
they live. Others use it as a means to escape the brutal world they’ve found
themselves in.

3. Honor Killing is a method used to soothe the male ego. If a woman is
raped or her family feels that she has dishonored them, they kill her.

4. Traficking in Women is a global issue. Women are snatched or lured
with promises of a better life that they never receive. They are tuned into
slaves (sexual and or domestic).

5. FGM is the mutilation of the woman’s genitals. It is often used as a way
to contain a woman’s sexuality.

6. Acid Burning is a repercussion to women ‘disohonoring men’ and is
practiced primarily on the Asian peninsula.

7. Dowry Death is why parents of girls stash and save like mad before
allowing their daughters to marry. Girls with dowries that don’t meet
their in-laws expectations suffered unexpected deaths in the kitchen
or were abused by their new families.

8. Sex Tourism deals with people going to other countries to participate
in sexual activity that is illegal in their own country.

9. Domestic Violence is another global issue that many people know
exist, but choose to ignore.

10. Marriage by Abduction and Rape is exactly what it sounds like.
Women are abducted by men, raped, then her family is asked to
give her in marriage. Often they agree because the girl is not viewed
as damaged goods.

11. Rape as a Weapon of War has been practiced throughout history.

12. Forced Prostitution is practiced world wide. Women are abducted or lured to
to different countries and forced into prostitution.

13. To Make a Difference click here, here, here, here, or here.

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