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Over the Moon Part I

5 Jan

I liked this book so much that I’m going to break it into two separate blogs. I’m leaving out Mary Janice Davidson because I just wasn’t feeling her. I haven’t found her to be my favorite author, despite her attempt of creating a multi-racial couple in Driftwood.

The first short story was written by Angela Knight and is called Moon Dance. This story runs parallel to her Magekind series. It’s about the werewolves created to keep the vampires and witches from bullying mankind. The story introduces an aristocratic class of werewolves who live by their own law and the female werewolf who wants to change the law.

Elena has been told by her father (who’s also her alpha) to mate with an abusive alpha of his choice. She has been told of a man who has recently been bitten (5 yrs. ago) who may serve as her protector and battle her Daddy’s choice of son-in-law.

Lucas is a cop that was abused as a child. He sees Elena being abused and rushes to her rescue. Elena asks him for protection and he agrees. They go home together and Lucas finds out that Elena wants a “bodyguard and a dick”.

This story is HOT. As I read it I thought, damn, I definitely got what I paid for with this story alone. It starts off with a bang and keeps racing. I think that we’ll be hearing from this couple again. This is a must read.