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13 Words in Highland Treasure

11 Jan

13 Words from Amanda Scott’s Highland Treasure


their definition in the Oxford English Dictionary

1. machicolation– An opening between the corbels which support
a projecting defensive parapet, or in the floor of a gallery or the
roof of a portal, through which combustibles, molten lead, stones,
etc., could be dropped upon assailants below. Also: a projecting
structure having a range of such openings.

2. yett– An opening in a wall, made for the purpose of
entrance and exit, and capable of being closed by a
movable barrier, the existence of which is usually
implied; said with reference to a city or other enclosure,
or the enclosure-wall of a large building, formerly also to
the bulding itself, where door or doors
is now commonly employed.

3. forbye– In preference to, before, beyond.

4. escarpment– Ground cut into the form of an escarp for the
purpose of fortification.

5. antecedents-A thing or circumstance which goes before or
precedes in time or order; often also implying causal relation
with its consequent. or The events of a person’s bygone history
(usually, as affecting the postion now to be accorded him); also
used of institutions, etc.

6. confluence-A flowing together; the junction and union of two
or more streams or moving fluids.

7. bracken-A fern

8. desiccated-Deprived or freed of moisture; dried; (of food)
dried for preservation.

9. paduasoy-a strong, rich, silk fabric, usually slightly corded
or embossed, popular in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

10. camlet-A name originally applied to some beautiful and costly
eastern fabric, afterwards to imitations and substitutes the nature
of which has changed many times over. ‘A kind of stuff originally
made by a mixture of silk and camel’s hair; it is now made with
wool and silk

11. tambour– A species of embroidery in which patterns are
worked with a needle of peculiar form on material stretched in
a tambour-frame; now superseded by pattern-weaving

12. dimity-A stout cotton fabric, woven with raised stripes or
fancy figures; usually employed undyed for beds and
bedroom hangings, and sometimes for garments.

13. prodigiously-Portentously, ominously or Wonderfully,
astonishingly; in colloquial use (hyperbolically), Exceedingly,

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