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The Secret

15 Jan

Favorite Lines:  Her gaze was centered on Frances Catherine’s swollen stomach. She took another step forward and looked up into her eyes. In a low whisper she was sure only her friend could hear, she said, “I specifically remember we both promised never to drink from any man’s goblet of wine. From the looks of you, Frances Catherine, I’m thinking you broke your word.” (118).

When Judith met Frances Catherine at a festival when she was four, the two became fast friends despite their different nationalities. Frances Catherine was a lowlander and Judith was English. The two were thick as thieves and every year met together at the festival to share secrets. One secret was that if you drank from a man’s goblet you’d get pregnant.

Time passed and Frances Catherine got married to a highlander and eventually became pregnant. Judith knows that her friend is scared to give birth and met with midwives gathering information to help Frances Catherine. Frances Catherine made her husband promise to retrieve her pal before she gave birth. Her husband speaks with his brother, the Laird, about fulfilling his promise. Ian agrees to get Judith and bring her to the highlands not knowing that her presence will change his life forever.

Garwood has one of my favorite books right here. She rolls humor, passion, and drama into a novel that is a keeper. I read this book when it came out in 1992 and many times over the years since. There  is a particular dramatic point towards the end that gives me chills and makes me cry many times. It is definitely some of the finest points in Garwood history to me.

She does a great job displaying the bond between the women in this book. A bond that not all women have but many long for. I love her heroine so I feel invested in her life. I want her to be happy and when she’s sad I’m sad. What more can you ask from a book off of the keeper shelf?

ps. Julie Garwood’s website is pretty neat. She doesn’t have a blog but the site is somewhat interactive. (You can open the windows, turn on the radio and lights ect..)