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Saving Grace

17 Jan

Favorite Lines: “His mama should have named him Lucifer.” (52)

Saving Grace by Julie Garwood is another Scottish historical romance that lines my keeper shelf. The story centers around a secret that Lady Johanna is keeping. Lady Johanna didn’t want to marry again having already been married to an abusive man. The king of England has other plans. He wants her removed from his presence for an unknown reason. In rides her adopted brother Nicholas with a plan to spirit Johanna far away from the court.

Nicholas takes Johanna to her lands in Scotland where her deceased husband had allowed a corrupt man to savage the land. Nicholas approaches the Laird, Gabriel, about marrying his sister guaranteeing the land is returned to the clan living there. Gabriel and Johanna begin to learn about each other but the past is not put behind them. Johanna has a secret and many people want it. She also has a past that refuses to remain buried.

Once more I’m raving about Julie Garwood’s work. I appreciate the care she made in creating Johanna. I’ve read too many books that have an abused woman overcoming years of abuse in days. This book doesn’t do that. Johanna makes small steps forward and backwards while healing. She finds courage and strength in herself that others eventually see.

Gabriel is the typical strong Laird of many Scottish historicals. He starts out wanting to posses something and ends up having more than he ever thought possible. The dialogue is typical Garwood, great for the time period. The setting is mainly in Scotland and shows the ravages of war during the 13th century. I give this book 3.5 stars.