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13 Jobs I don’t want

25 Jan
Thirteen Jobs I don’t want

1.Factory (Been there, done that)

2. Fast food (I don’t want to serve people I went to school with.)

3. Laundress (I have a hard enough time washing my own.)

4. Dishwasher (Ditto)

5. Prostitute (Speaks for itself)

6. Prison guard (I don’t want to get beat down.)

7. Teacher (I have my own kids, don’t need more.)

8. Nurse (I don’t deal with blood very well, so I guess it’s out.)

9. Psychologist (I listen to enough crazy people now.)

10. Daycare provider (No freakin’ way.)

11. Garbage person (I couldn’t take the smell.)

12. Farmer (I’m to lazy to do this profession justice.)

13. Landscaper (I’m not an outside person.)

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