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31 Jan

Well it snowed like crazy here yesterday and through the night. School is on a two hour delay and I’m considering keeping the girls home today. My youngest has asthma and gets sick easily, so I’d be taking a risk by sending her to preschool (it’s -1 degree but with the wind it feels like -12.) My oldest has been laying down since early yesterday evening with a sore throat and headache. She’s worried about missing school because it’ll be the first day she’s missed this year.

I perform ISO auditing at my old job once a month and yesterday was my day to do it. So last night I went back at 8:30 to audit 2nd shift and the pizza man tried to run me off the road (in white out conditions). It really sucked. Now I HAVE to get off and make hot chocolate for the girls. Hope your day is filled with warmth.