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13 Cries from TV

1 Feb
Thirteen Episodes in television that made me cry.

1. Law & Order: SVU- “Slaves” A young woman slips a note to
a shopkeeper requesting help. The detectives investigate and
find a young Romanian woman held as a sex slave for a middle
class couple. I bawled in the last minutes of this dramatic episode.

2. Beauty & the Beast- “Though lovers be lost parts 1 & 2”
Catherine is kidnapped by people who want the baby she’s carrying.
Vincent can’t find her and she winds up giving birth, having the baby,
and being killed. Vincent arrives long enough to chase the helicopter
that is taking his child away and to hold Catherine as she dies.

3. Young Riders-“Bad Blood” Lou returns to the orphanage where
she was raised for her brother and sister only to find her father
has taken them.

4. Xena: Warrior Princess- “Maternal Instincts”
Gabrielle’s daughter, Hope, kills Xena’s son causing Xena to kill

5. Grey’s Anatomy- “Losing my religion” Denny dies and Izzy holds

6. General Hospital- When Stone dies in 1995
I don’t know that I’ll ever forget Stone slowly dying. I rushed out to
buy Robin’s diary to relive it over and over (and over) again.

7. Buffy-“Becoming Part 2”
Buffy is forced to kill Angel for the good of the world.

8. Buffy-“The Gift”
Buffy refuses to sacrifice her sister for the world.

9. China Beach Most of this series made me cry.

10. 21 Jump Street When Hoff got raped.

11. Touched by an Angel I didn’t watch this often, but whenever I
did, yep you guessed it, I bawled like a baby.

12. Young Riders-“Presence of Mine Enemies”
Ike (the bald one) is killed and Buck loses it.

13. Buffy-“Once more with feeling” Buffy tells the crew where she
was before they brought her back to life. (The musical.)

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