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Jaguar Knights

7 Feb

Favorite Lines: “Forget your face. It’s a fighters face and it was probably a handsome face once. Scars don’t worry me.You’re not a slobbering lopsided village idiot who will breed deformed children. You’ve got a strong, attractive body and you’re a strong, kind man. Women don’t care what men look like on the outside, just what’s on the inside.” (149)

I bought this book almost two years ago but never read more than the first chapter. I don’t know why, only that before yesterday I didn’t even remember this book. (I found it in the junk room.) After spending two days attempting to read it I skipped about 60 pages and read the end. Unfortunately, I had to go back to the skipped pages to understand what had happened.

I’m not in love with this author (obviously) but that could be due to my preoccupation with romance. This book is a fantasy. All I could think about was how crappy the romance part was. It was extremely contrived. No way would anybody believe that a woman would go from being terrified of a mishapen man to wanton seductress in the few hours the book suggests.

I wasn’t impressed with the transformation process from man to jaguar knight either. A magical amulet turns the man into a seven foot tall creature with the head, hands and feet of a jaguar. It was creepy and the whore/princess/actress who created all the drama in the beginning having sex with any creature didn’t work for me. I’m the minority. This is one book out of a series that somebody likes or it wouldn’t be a series.

Here’s the blurb about the book as posted at Harper Collins:

“The realm’s most feared swordsman, Sir Wolf has earned his name, the “King’s Killer,” well. Unlike many of his brother Blades, however, Wolf detests his sworn duty to do the bloody bidding of a liege he can never respect. But when an impregnable fortress is breached and a former royal mistress is abducted by brazen assailants, Wolf must leap into the fray.

Burdened with the company of his disgraced brother, Sir Lynx—the only Blade ever to lose his ward and live—and shadowed by a mysterious Inquisitor with a secret agenda, Wolf must make his way across a landscape of nightmares vivid and terrible enough to chill any fearless heart. For somewhere in this dark, unfamiliar world, the fate of all Chivial hangs in the balance—and it is the destiny of one reluctant Blade to tip the scales to salvation . . . or doom.”