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13 Reasons I don’t own a pet

8 Feb


13 reasons I don’t own animals

1. I don’t like the smell.

2. I have kids, aren’t they pets? Kind of?

3. I never want to clean poop off the floor again.

4. They make my eyes itch.

5. The noises they make gets on my nerves.

6. I’m not going outside in the cold for any reason.

7. It would cut down on me, me, me time. (Yes, I’m selfish)

8. I’d rather buy a picture of an animal.

9. My youngest is afraid of animals.

10. I can’t take care of a pet the way others can.

11. I can’t keep fish alive; what would happen to a dog?

12. I don’t have time to care for a pet.

13. I’m not a big enough animal lover to own one. I like them; I just
don’t want to own one.

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