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Visions of Heat

9 Feb

Vaughn, a jaguar, is a solitary animal/changling until he meets Faith. Faith is a F Psy who forecasts business trends. She knows what to invest in and makes tons of money for her clan. Lately, she has been having dark visions, visions of death that appear to be stalking her. She needs answers and Vaughn can take her to the people who may be able to answer them, thus begins the second book in Nalini Singh’s hot series.

It is possible to read this book without ever having read Slave to Sensation but I don’t recommend it. The story often goes back to Sascha and Lucas (the main characters in Slave to Sensation). They play a major supportive role in this book plus it was such a great book that it only adds to the experience that isVisions of Heat. Not knowing their story could be detrimental to understanding the Psy society and flaws within that society that were addressed. Those issues are revisited in Visions; not only are they revisited, the books work together to present a pattern in the perfect psy society.

The emphasis placed on the senses and visioning the textures and scents surround most aspects of the book pulling this reader in. I’ve read about quick transformations that distort the body and slow transformations that are painful. This book makes them magical and a pleasure to read.

At some points in the story I felt I knew what was going to happen and even became arrogant about my assumptions. I was wrong but not disappointed. Actually, the twists that exist in the Psy world are more complex than I originally thought. The reader is taught about the Psy net in this book. The parts of the book dedicated to the Psy net proved to be critical in my appreciation for this book.

While I enjoyed the hero; he was the epitome of the tortured alpha hero who is only healed by the heroine Faith. Despite this I enjoy his strength and unwillingness to allow Faith to fall apart. I like him being possessive towards Faith, just as I like her wanting his touch. You can buy Visions of Heat on March 6, 2007 or pre-order here. I’d give this book 4 stars.