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The Rest Falls Away

16 Feb

Favorite Lines: “Nilly have you been into the sherry this afternoon? There are no such things as vampires!” (43)

I put this book on my to buy list after reading about it in Romantic Times magazine. I was rather hesitant to do so due to my hatred of Regency books. After reading different blogs about the book, I found my appetite whetted for the kind of information that only comes from first hand information. It was time to read this book. Warning: this book is not your typical HEA romance. That said, it is a great book.

I loved Buffy and this book reminds me of the series. It has a torn heroine who is certain of her destiny and her future yet has a world of pain awaiting her. She is learning to balance her vampire slaying with her responsibilities of being a debutant. She is coming into her sexuality and has three obvious choices of male companions if she so desired.

Victoria Gardella is coming out, as a vampire slayer (Venator) and in society. She is supposed to search for a husband and stop the vampires from getting an evil book that would lead to the destruction of humanity. Along the way she meets Lord Rockley, a man from her childhood, who also happens to be the catch of the season. Rockley wants Victoria and seems determined to get her. There is also the mysterious Sebastion, proprietor of a club that caters to vampires and humans, and Max, a fellow Venator.

One of the best parts of this book is discovering who Victoria will be with. One of the drawbacks, you have to wait for the next installment to hopefully satisfy the hunger this book incites. It is not a traditional romance novel but harkens back to an older style of writing that teases, pulses, and wains. It draws you in and releases you before yanking you back. The setting is vivid and the characters extremely well crafted. Many of the situations are reminiscent of Buffy episodes, but only the great moments and reset into a time long ago. This book is a must read.