The Sword

19 Feb

Favorite Lines: “It was all she could do to keep from twitching back out of the chalk circle as the mekha-whatchamacallit slurped up the snake like it was a piece of oversized spaghetti. It paused for a moment, tensed and dropped something small and black and multilegged out of its back end, and then scuttled onward, vanishing out of the reach of the light within moments.” (50)

I tried to google Jean Johnson, but could only find her listed with this book and the next in the series The Wolf. The Sword is a paranormal/time travel romance novel. Kelly was snatched from certain death by the youngest of eight cursed brothers and placed into the care of the eldest brother Saber. She is a feisty twenty-seven year old who was being harassed in small town America and persecuted as a witch due to her interest in the Medieval society.

Saber and his brothers have not seen or touched a woman for three years. The wonderful citizens from their country believe that the brothers are cursed and have exiled the men to Nightfall island. They are all confirmed bachelors set in their ways until Kelly arrives and begins to shake up their world.

Kelly is a trip. She knows martial arts and is not afraid to use them. She is a hard worker whose knowledge about medieval life makes her life bearable. It’s great to watch her force the men around her to respect her and come to love her. The book was a light hearted read but I don’t know that I want to pay $14.00 for the second book in the series. I’m curious as to the fate of the remaining seven brothers (especially Wolf) but the shift this book took towards the end, as the prophesy began to be fulfilled, turned me off. I didn’t like the plot twist.

While it was different from any other paranormal book I’ve read lately, it felt…off. Something bothered me and I can’t tell without giving away too much information. Hmmm, this is hard. If you can get this book for mass book price, go for it. If not, hold off until you can borrow or buy at a reduced price.

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