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Kissing Sin

20 Feb

Favorite Lines: “I don’t know what Lady Godiva’s caper was about, but she obviously hadn’t been riding that horse bareback for the sheer pleasure of it.” (19) “”Never had a naked woman ride my alternate shape before. It’s rather…erotic.” I grinned. “So Lady Godiva wasn’t as stupid as I thought?” “Not if that horse of hers was a shifter.” My gaze drifted downward, coming to rest on the tent pole he had going. That would certainly explain the silly woman’s smile.” (24)

Kissing Sin is book two in the Riley Jenson Guardian series written by Keri Arthur. The first book in the series, Full Moon Rising, introduced us to the woman who is half vampire-half werewolf. This book picks up where FMR ends. If you haven’t read FMR, I seriously suggest you stop reading this post and come back after reading FMR.

The book takes off at a full sprint. Riley awakens in an alley with a dead person beside her. She is immediately chased by bear-like creatures called the orsini. Riley escapes with another prisoner (a horse shifter) and calls in the Directorate to help shut down the facility where she had been held.

What ensues is a race to find out who wants Riley, what happened to her when she was held captive, and how to shut down the cross-breeding laboratories. Riley is still having sex with multiple partners as is the werewolf tendency in this series. She needs to find out if she can procreate and find her soul mate.

This book is a fantasy novel. It is not a romance. The book is not cleanly wrapped up by the final page nor was its predecessor. There are several books in this series to be published in the next several months. Kissing Sin is not a book for everyone. I was pleased with Riley’s ability to not be stuck in a rut. At the end of FMR she wanted Quin and seemed to become depressed at the possibility of not having him. She has moved on in this book. She still wants him, but is not willing to lose herself for him. She won’t give up her sense of self and life expectations for another creature. This makes the blatant sexuality appealing for me.

I’ll be reading the next book in the series, Tempting Evil, when it releases Feb. 27, 2007.