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24 Feb

Gypsy tagged me for this one. I’m with her in that I don’t really feel guilty about these things, but here goes nothing.

Culinary guilt: Fried food
why: I know that it’s not good for me and that I’ve gained enough weight that I shouldn’t eat it, but I won’t give it up.

Literary guilt: Historical Romance
Why: Most of the books are about the Scottish Highlands and are the same idea. I love the men, even if I’d never date one of them. They are testosterone overloaded, but I love them anyway.

Audiovisual guilt: Broadway musicals
They are like chocolate. I took one taste of them and haven’t let go. The singing, dancing, acting…I love it all.

Musical guilt: Anything but country. I just don’t care for country. I liked Schindler’s List, most rap, old school R&B.
Why: It’s all related to my mood. When I’m hyped I want rap. When I’m depressed I want old Quiet Storm or instrumental.

Celebrity guilt: None
I have my own life to worry about and not the time, nor the inclination to worry about somebody else’s’ life. Especially when most of my probs. revolve around money and I see them throwing it around.