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Moon Awakening

26 Feb

Favorite Lines: “You do not smell like a dog. I would have thought a wolf would smell like a canine.” (250)

Moon Awakening is a historical paranormal romance that takes place in the Scottish highlands. It follows Englishwoman Emily Hamilton on her journey to marry a highlander. Life doesn’t always work out the way you expect it to and Emily finds herself carried away by a different highland lord (Lachlan), who is a capable of turning into a wolf.

The world Lucy Monroe creates is similar to that of many historical romances. It’s comfortable. The plot isn’t complex and the book is an enjoyable read. Before I read the first half of the book I knew who the bad guy was. It’s very obvious and seems to be a traditional historical plot.

After Emily and her first soon-to-be sister-in-law were kidnapped, they learn it is in retaliation for a member of the Balmoral clan (Lachlan’s clan) being taken in marriage and not offered for. The Sinclairs (where the woman now lives happily married) insist that she was in their territory and not under the protection of the Balmoral’s, something that is argued throughout the entire book.

This book is not complex. It is predictable but a decent twist on the historical romance. The characters are typical and not memorable. Emily was almost annoying with her flip-floppy attitude.

Will I read the next installation? Probably, but I won’t rush out to buy it.