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Mona Lisa Awakening

28 Feb

Favorite Lines: “”Now what happened to Sampson?” I mused. “Oh yeah, Delilah cut his locks off.” I gabbed his offending organ. My knife flew and blood spurt over me.” (115)

I’ve been screamin’ like an old man ever since I read this short story by Sunny. I’ve posted her site too many times. Now it’s time for me to give my first full review of her book Mona Lisa Awakening.

The quick intro into the Monere world reminds me of Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy. It is fast and assumes that you are willing to ride on the wild side. If you’re unwilling to believe in a world with Moon people coexisting with humans, don’t pick up this book. If you don’t want to ride the erotic rollercoaster created by Sunny, don’t pick up this book. For everyone else, get this book! It is spicy!!

With a flowing pen, Sunny invites her readers on a journey with Mona Lisa. Mona Lisa has never felt like other people. She’s always been stronger and able to sense illness with in others. As an infant she was left on the steps of an orphanage, her past something she thought to never know. One night at work she feels an irresistible pull towards a strange man. This man is her introduction into the world of the Monere.

Mona Lisa has a great deal to become used to, for the Monere world is far different from the human world. In the world of the ‘moonines’, half-blooded children are treated like crap. They are of no consequence to full blooded Monere people. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Mona Lisa she is not full blooded (hence she was abandoned). Some Monere women are queens, able to pull in the moon, and allow her people to bask in it’s light. The queens take multiple lovers and fear the day the men become powerful enough to exist without them.

In this world the queens have all the power, or do they? You’ll have to read to find out. I’ll read it again and again and again…