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The Rest Falls Away

16 Feb

Favorite Lines: “Nilly have you been into the sherry this afternoon? There are no such things as vampires!” (43)

I put this book on my to buy list after reading about it in Romantic Times magazine. I was rather hesitant to do so due to my hatred of Regency books. After reading different blogs about the book, I found my appetite whetted for the kind of information that only comes from first hand information. It was time to read this book. Warning: this book is not your typical HEA romance. That said, it is a great book.

I loved Buffy and this book reminds me of the series. It has a torn heroine who is certain of her destiny and her future yet has a world of pain awaiting her. She is learning to balance her vampire slaying with her responsibilities of being a debutant. She is coming into her sexuality and has three obvious choices of male companions if she so desired.

Victoria Gardella is coming out, as a vampire slayer (Venator) and in society. She is supposed to search for a husband and stop the vampires from getting an evil book that would lead to the destruction of humanity. Along the way she meets Lord Rockley, a man from her childhood, who also happens to be the catch of the season. Rockley wants Victoria and seems determined to get her. There is also the mysterious Sebastion, proprietor of a club that caters to vampires and humans, and Max, a fellow Venator.

One of the best parts of this book is discovering who Victoria will be with. One of the drawbacks, you have to wait for the next installment to hopefully satisfy the hunger this book incites. It is not a traditional romance novel but harkens back to an older style of writing that teases, pulses, and wains. It draws you in and releases you before yanking you back. The setting is vivid and the characters extremely well crafted. Many of the situations are reminiscent of Buffy episodes, but only the great moments and reset into a time long ago. This book is a must read.

13 Authors Included in Debut a debut

15 Feb
13 Authors Included in Debut a Debut contest given by West of Mars

1. Not Quite Dead by Sela Carsen

2. Mona Lisa Awakening by Sunny

3. Ninjas by Racy Li

4. Sex and the Single Ghost by Tawny Taylor

5. And Only to Deceive by Tasha Alexander

6. Swimming Upstream by Melissa Clark

7. Underneath it All by Margo Candela

8. Blood & Water by Lucy McCarraher

9. Chocolate Beach by Julie Carobini

10. Not Quite a Bride by Kirsten Sawyer

11. When the Heart Cries by Cindy Woodsmall

12. Three Things about Me by Aliya Whiteley

13. The Sweet Potato Queens’ First Big Ass Novel by Jill Browne

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Paper Play

14 Feb

Anybody interested in procrastinating with me? For some strange reason it calms my nerves to make toys. I found free downloads here and here. When I went here, I found free downloads for toys, greeting cards, and scrapbooking. Cute animal projects can be found here. Origami anyone? Go here to download cute paper and instructions to create awesome projects. Finally, a site for people with nothing better to do with their money.

Take Control

13 Feb

“Saudi Arabia’s religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they were not wearing correct Islamic dress, according to Saudi newspapers.”-BBC News

This was taken from a 2002 BBC news report. I first read about it last year in a Marie Claire magazine. After I recovered from my initial shock, I got angry. In a world that is supposed to be enlightened we still have medieval tactics/mentality. It saddens me that for every step forward there is at least one step back. The women of these nations aren’t giving in to the pressure being placed on them. They are stepping forward in an attempt to avoid disaster by becoming rescue workers.

In many Islamic countries, custom dictates that a woman or girl cannot be viewed or touched by a man outside the immediate family, even it that man is a doctor — or a rescue worker trying to save her life. So in times of crisis, when a woman is alone and in need of serious help, there’s only one place to turn. Another woman.”-Marie Claire

This is not a new concept. At some point in their lives most women have discovered a need to interact with other women for emotional support or information. They have found women taking control of their lives. Women refusing to be beaten down. Women who are inspirations.


12 Feb

I’ve been a slacker lately and I’m sorry. I plan to post reviews of my Feb. books starting Wed. and tomorrow the plan is to post a current event about women’s issues. The code is showing up crazy and I don’t know if this will post, so I’m going to issue you an adios until tomorrow.

10 Random things about me

10 Feb

Tagged by Holly: 10 Weird Things About Me

Holly I’m going to break a rule for this meme. I don’t know 10 people to tag.

Rules: No re-tagging, write a blog with 10 weird random things, facts, or habits about yourself, chose 10 people to be tagged and list their names, leave a comment that says “you are tagged” on their profile, and tell them to read your latest blog.

1. Depending on the time of the month, my favorite desert is either caramel brownies or cheesecake.

2. I have no interest in ever being married.

3. I prefer to be alone to being with a crowd of friends.

4. I got my first kiss in a movie theater from my neighbor across the street. It was slobbery.

5. My house is cluttered and I hate clutter.

6. I love to shop; finding bargains makes me happy.

7. I procrastinate like mad.

8. When I was a kid I always wanted to learn martial arts but my parents wouldn’t let me do any sport.

9. I was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness until I was 18 and old enough to decide that while I believed similarly, it was not the religion for me.

10. I picked very poor fathers for my children.

Okay, that sucked. Now it’s your turn. I tag:









Visions of Heat

9 Feb

Vaughn, a jaguar, is a solitary animal/changling until he meets Faith. Faith is a F Psy who forecasts business trends. She knows what to invest in and makes tons of money for her clan. Lately, she has been having dark visions, visions of death that appear to be stalking her. She needs answers and Vaughn can take her to the people who may be able to answer them, thus begins the second book in Nalini Singh’s hot series.

It is possible to read this book without ever having read Slave to Sensation but I don’t recommend it. The story often goes back to Sascha and Lucas (the main characters in Slave to Sensation). They play a major supportive role in this book plus it was such a great book that it only adds to the experience that isVisions of Heat. Not knowing their story could be detrimental to understanding the Psy society and flaws within that society that were addressed. Those issues are revisited in Visions; not only are they revisited, the books work together to present a pattern in the perfect psy society.

The emphasis placed on the senses and visioning the textures and scents surround most aspects of the book pulling this reader in. I’ve read about quick transformations that distort the body and slow transformations that are painful. This book makes them magical and a pleasure to read.

At some points in the story I felt I knew what was going to happen and even became arrogant about my assumptions. I was wrong but not disappointed. Actually, the twists that exist in the Psy world are more complex than I originally thought. The reader is taught about the Psy net in this book. The parts of the book dedicated to the Psy net proved to be critical in my appreciation for this book.

While I enjoyed the hero; he was the epitome of the tortured alpha hero who is only healed by the heroine Faith. Despite this I enjoy his strength and unwillingness to allow Faith to fall apart. I like him being possessive towards Faith, just as I like her wanting his touch. You can buy Visions of Heat on March 6, 2007 or pre-order here. I’d give this book 4 stars.

13 Reasons I don’t own a pet

8 Feb


13 reasons I don’t own animals

1. I don’t like the smell.

2. I have kids, aren’t they pets? Kind of?

3. I never want to clean poop off the floor again.

4. They make my eyes itch.

5. The noises they make gets on my nerves.

6. I’m not going outside in the cold for any reason.

7. It would cut down on me, me, me time. (Yes, I’m selfish)

8. I’d rather buy a picture of an animal.

9. My youngest is afraid of animals.

10. I can’t take care of a pet the way others can.

11. I can’t keep fish alive; what would happen to a dog?

12. I don’t have time to care for a pet.

13. I’m not a big enough animal lover to own one. I like them; I just
don’t want to own one.

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Jaguar Knights

7 Feb

Favorite Lines: “Forget your face. It’s a fighters face and it was probably a handsome face once. Scars don’t worry me.You’re not a slobbering lopsided village idiot who will breed deformed children. You’ve got a strong, attractive body and you’re a strong, kind man. Women don’t care what men look like on the outside, just what’s on the inside.” (149)

I bought this book almost two years ago but never read more than the first chapter. I don’t know why, only that before yesterday I didn’t even remember this book. (I found it in the junk room.) After spending two days attempting to read it I skipped about 60 pages and read the end. Unfortunately, I had to go back to the skipped pages to understand what had happened.

I’m not in love with this author (obviously) but that could be due to my preoccupation with romance. This book is a fantasy. All I could think about was how crappy the romance part was. It was extremely contrived. No way would anybody believe that a woman would go from being terrified of a mishapen man to wanton seductress in the few hours the book suggests.

I wasn’t impressed with the transformation process from man to jaguar knight either. A magical amulet turns the man into a seven foot tall creature with the head, hands and feet of a jaguar. It was creepy and the whore/princess/actress who created all the drama in the beginning having sex with any creature didn’t work for me. I’m the minority. This is one book out of a series that somebody likes or it wouldn’t be a series.

Here’s the blurb about the book as posted at Harper Collins:

“The realm’s most feared swordsman, Sir Wolf has earned his name, the “King’s Killer,” well. Unlike many of his brother Blades, however, Wolf detests his sworn duty to do the bloody bidding of a liege he can never respect. But when an impregnable fortress is breached and a former royal mistress is abducted by brazen assailants, Wolf must leap into the fray.

Burdened with the company of his disgraced brother, Sir Lynx—the only Blade ever to lose his ward and live—and shadowed by a mysterious Inquisitor with a secret agenda, Wolf must make his way across a landscape of nightmares vivid and terrible enough to chill any fearless heart. For somewhere in this dark, unfamiliar world, the fate of all Chivial hangs in the balance—and it is the destiny of one reluctant Blade to tip the scales to salvation . . . or doom.”

Stupid Computer!!

5 Feb

I haven’t been able to post. My adapter went out on my laptop. I’m going crazy. Hopefully the adapter will come in tomorrow and I can write a real post. Here’s to wishing this site would let me post.