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Business Venture

31 Mar

I have a home business idea that I’m pursuing. My youngest has asthma and I used to miss a ton of work. Even with FMLA, my old job got tired of me missing work. Now that I’m ready to enter the working world again, I’ve decided that the best course for me, is to work from home. I’ve recently been told that my editing isn’t a job because I don’t have set hours at a set pay. I disagree that the time and money must be preset, so I’m trying to open a data entry business.

I’ve been writing a business plan, researching marketing and brainstorming like mad. I’ve created flyers and a prototype for a postcard that I want to mail out. The problem is that I’ve got a month to get my first client. A month to prove that it can work, that I can get business. I’ve looked up the businesses that different websites have recommended to see about picking up work overflow. Well, the issue with that route is that my city doesn’t have any of those businesses.

I’m going to type my information from the flyer and would love to hear what y’all think of it.

“Scooper’s Data is a data entry business that is scheduled to begin operations on March 30, 2007. Scooper’s Data will be a sole proprietorship, owned by Stacy Cooper. Stacy left the industrial field to complete a BA in English and found a need for data entry in her community. Scooper’s Data will provide affordable data entry services for the individual and small business.

Scooper’s Data promises a quick turnaround on projects at an affordable price. We will take your paper copies and create an electronic copy for easy access, enabling you to dispose of unwanted/unnecessary excess paper.

Remember Scooper’s Data for all your data entry and word processing needs. We do not charge an hourly fee, preferring to base the fee upon the job.”

 Starting a business, marketing any ideas y’all have would be wonderful.


Dangerous Games by Keri Arthur

30 Mar

Favorite Line: “Piss off and don’t bother coming back for a while.” (56)

Riley is back. After disposing of the many people who are trying to kill her and or use her, it’s time to deal with Gautier. He has issued a challenge that Riley is unable to refuse: find the Butcher or watch a child die. Riley accepts the challenge to find the killer before Gautier. (It’s his sick way of proving he’s better than Riley.)

The game leads Riley to a bartender named Jin, who introduces Riley to the world of pleasure and pain. It’s close to moon fever time for Riley and she knows that she must stay away from Jin or risk all that she is.

Magicians are introduced. Quinn’s past comes to light. Riley makes a decision.

Out of the four Riley Jenson novels, I’d rate Dangerous Games as one of my least favorites. There is very little of Kellan, her wolf lover. I like him but so little is being done about or with him that it irritates the crap out of me. Quinn is being his usual ‘ass’ self. He is so high and mighty that it grates on my nerves. (He pulls some deep shit on Riley, too.)

Arthur shows that more exists in the world than shape shifters and vampires. I’m not overly impressed by this line. I don’t particularly care for the sexual sadist scenes either. The victims of the Butcher are mutilated and it’s not hard to make assumptions about Riley’s fate. Overall, I’m rather disappointed with this book. It didn’t live up to the hype for me.

*The next book sounds excellent.*

13 Reasons to buy/read OWW

29 Mar

Thirteen reasons to read One Wild Weekend

1. Joining the Mile high club.

2. Watching a girl have a great weekend.

3. Sex outside.

4. Discovering that work can be fun.

5. You can’t drink on the company’s tab, but Melissa Tanner can.

6. Airport security.

7. Learning a new name for an alarm clock.

8. Help a starving artist, T. Sue Versteeg.

9. Taking a quick breather from reality without spending a lot of money.

10. Tons of drinking over a two three (I’m drunk from reading it) weekend.

11. Instead of veggin’ out on tv, read a book.

12. Life’s too short not to read as much ‘smut’ as you can.

13. One Wild Weekend is a light hearted read that will make you smile.

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Seeing Eye Mate

28 Mar

Favorite Lines: “What was it about this man that had her wanting to scream, “Fuck me, Caelen. Now.” (45)

Tieran Jones doesn’t know it but her life is about to make a drastic change. Her car broke down and she had to pee. What else could she do, but walk into the nightclub while waiting for the tow truck driver? She has no idea that someone inside has smelled her and recognized her scent down in his soul.

Caelan Graham is the Prime for his pack. He is a protector. While meeting with his twin brother in a local bar, he smells a woman who will change his life forever. To bad it’s his mate; a killer is stalking the female mates of the shape shifter population.

Tiernan is more than a mate for Caelan. She is clairvoyant and all of the clues in the murders are pointing to Caelan’s twin. Can they figure out who the killer is before it’s to late? Is it Caelan’s twin?

  1. Did I like this book? Yes
  2. Will I read the next in the series? Probably
  3. Was it a deep read? No, it was hot, sloppy sex. Not 100% believable, but a quick read that didn’t piss me off.

The mystery/suspense was well written. I won’t say much about it because I don’t do spoilers. When I was introduced to the killer I knew it was him.

Tiernan was a funny heroine. My favorite parts of the book happen in her house. The house is hilarious. Caelan is an alpha who demands subordination but not excessively. There’s a scene in Tiernan’s house with orange juice and Mountain Dew that drives this point home. *Shaking my finger* I told you no spoilers! If you want to know just pick up Seeing Eye Mate and read it.


27 Mar

Dark Horse Comics is giving away two free ecomics and six free desktop pictures. You can find them here.

Fray  is about the new Slayer. It takes the legend of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and fast forwards hundreds of years in the future. The comic book has eight comics making up one book.

What you need to know: Melaka Fray is a thief. She is strong and has a jacked up family. Her sister is a cop who wants her to clean up her act. She is petrified of Lurks (vampires). The comics do a good job of explaining her fear, so I won’t go there. The demon guy in the picture tells Mel that he has been sent to prepare her for the coming war.

Mel thinks he’s crazy. Many of the people in Mel’s world are disfigured, her boss is some kind of merman. Urkonn, the demon, keeps asking Mel about her dreams. Mel denies having them and seems to be ignorant of her destiny.

Destiny is a tricky thing. It doesn’t allow you to change it, or does it?

I loved this comic book. It takes a twist on the Slayer’s world without selling out. The Slayer isn’t naked or big boobed. She’s a strong thief. She has a soft side and a hard side. She is the future Slayer. Dark Horse is selling this book for $19.95 or you can buy it from Amazon for $13.57.

So True

26 Mar

Lover Revealed

26 Mar

Favorite Lines: “As she reached for a fresh set of undergarments, she looked at the corset and thought, the hell she was putting that on. She shoved it back into the bag, unable to bear having that iron grip around her rib cage right now.” (88)

Butch is the human ex-cop who has been adopted by the Black Dagger Brotherhood. He doesn’t fight the Lessers like the Brothers do, but he uses his ‘cop’ skills to gather information and search for clues. Butch gets kidnapped by the Lessers in this book and his life is changed forever.

Marissa is the blind-King’s former food. She used to be the one who fed him and after he married/mated with Beth she was no longer needed. The upper class vampires saw her as used and discarded because the King had cast her aside in favor of a half breed. Marissa lives with her overprotective brother and feeds from another male closely related to the Brotherhood. When Marissa hears that Butch has been injured she rushes to his side and conflict ensues.

The two have had a series of miscommunication and they don’t end with this book. Both have issues with their past and both feel unworthy of the other. They must overcome their inner battles if they are to ever be together.

I love this series. That said, I hated the first 75 pages of this book. I never cared about Butch and out of the books-this is book four-this is the only one I didn’t buy on its first day out. I wasn’t interested in the human or Marissa (she seemed a bit ‘victim’ for me). By the end of the book I was quite pleased that I’d read it.

The intro, as I already mentioned, sucked. It was like a flashback to the eighties/early ninties. Remember when the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie came out? All the name brands that were thrown in your face? The Burger King, Dominos, ect…? That’s what the intro feels like. Arby’s, Valentino, Versace, Coolwater, Motorolla, Clairol…should I continue? The prices are worse. $90,000 for this. ‘X’ for that. It’s quite irritating. Once past the commercialism you run smack dab into the homoerotic aspect.

Butch gets down and dirty with a female vampire that looks and is built (minus the package) like a man. Her hair is even cut like a man. I’ll let you find the other scenes that irritated the crap out of me. Don’t ruin my fantasy Ms. Ward. I like my strong, alpha vampire to be strait. I have a fantasy that you’re ruining for me by incorporating the ‘is he gay’ theme into.

I’m pleased that Marissa evolves into her own person. A person who stops taking orders and beginnings taking charge of her life. Butch evolves into much more than a human too. The story gets much better as it progresses and we get to watch characters we met in previous books evolve. Want to know more? Read the book.

*The next book is going to be Extremely HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!*

Touched by Darkness

25 Mar

No Favorite Lines.

Six years ago Dr. Kara Cantrell moved to Zorro, Texas with her son. Her son has mystical abilities that were passed on to him by his deceased father.

A malevolent being resides in the same town and Alex, Kara’s son, must learn use his abilities before it kills him.

Damien Morgan is a Sentinel. He is on Earth for one reason, to protect the innocent from the Belians (malevolent beings). He offers to train Alex while he searches for the killer in Zorro.

Someone is possessed and hunting prey. Damien, Kara, and Alex are all that stand between the innocent humans and death. Can this threesome work together to ward off the darkness?

I did not finish this book. It sounded good, but when push came to shove it didn’t work for me. I was  bored out of my mind. Some of my problem with this book stems from the choppy story. The flashbacks are unpredictable and annoying. I start to read about the heroine’s past, and as soon as I’m interested, it flashes back to the present. I’m sure it’s supposed to keep me interested, but all it succeeded in doing was losing me.

I didn’t connect with the heroine or the hero. There was nothing. I didn’t feel sympathy for them, fear with them, or anything to keep me close to them. The heroine has a moment where she acknowledges the chemistry as being the same with Damian as it was with her son’s father.  I didn’t feel the attraction and that ultimately paired with the choppy storytelling, contributed to the demise of this book.

Better Day

23 Mar

Today has been much better. The car isn’t 100% but it’s better than yesterday. I topped off the oil, used fuel injector cleaner, and put some transmission fluid in. I drove around the block a few times. I still need to take it to a side road and gun it. I’m hoping that something is blocked and that by gunning it that blockage will disperse.

My oldest did her homework last night. I forgot to tell y’all she passed her pretest in Tae Kwon Do. She is advancing to red belt at the end of the month. That leaves a brown belt and a brown/black belt until she is eligible to test for her black belt.

The youngest, well let’s just say that she topped off the crappy day that was yesterday. She is four going on sixteen. She knows things that most four year olds don’t. She is just like me and boy am I scared. She is stubborn and obstinate. (The same thing that people say about me). By the end of the night I wanted nothing to do with the girl. I put her to bed at 7:30. This morning she was great. She was polite and friendly. I actually enjoyed the time we spent together.

I’m going to switch gears on you now. If you were told the first 30 people who bought an ebook would receive a free copy of a different paperback book from the author, would you buy it? How do you hear about the ebooks you buy? What are a few good online reading group blogs/discussion groups?


22 Mar

Today has started out as an extremely crappy day. Last night I asked my oldest about homework and was ignored before being told that she didn’t have any. This morning she tells me five minutes before we leave for school that she didn’t do her homework. Yes, the homework I asked about last night.

My youngest decided this morning that anything I asked about she didn’t know. She didn’t know where anything was and when she decided to smarten up, she took forever to find/do. After getting rid  taking the girls to their respective schools, I had planned on driving across town to a temp. agency for work. I get almost there and what do you think happens? My car begins to shake. It doesn’t want to shift or accelerate.

I turn the car around and begin the drive home and get stuck behind a man afraid to drive over 25 miles/hr. By this point my car is shaking like mad and I’m scared to death that the car is going to break down before I can get home. I finally make it to the last major intersection (by this point the accelerator is on the floor of the car and the car is sputtering), the car feels like it’s going to die. I pull out my phone to call my mom-just in case- and look down at the power bars. I have  one bar.

I flicked on my hazard lights. The cars are lining up behind me and beside me. The light changes color (of course there’s a tun arrow that I have to wait for first). I’m finally able to drive and the car sputters along. Suddenly, it takes off. To make a long story longer I get home, pop the hood, and check the fluids. My oil is where it should be, but I have no transmission fluid. None at all. I’m hoping that by filling it up the car will run. Cross your fingers for me. (I almost forgot, after I got home I turned the car off, waited a minute, and tried to restart it. It popped right off. No shaking. No smoking. No nothing.)