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One Wild Weekend

5 Mar

Favorite Lines: “Shaking her head, Melissa spun around to leave and walked squarely into Mr. Right…or, at the very least, Mr. Right-Now.” (5)

I’m very proud to tell you about the book I’m editing for Freya’s Bower. One Wild Weekend is a short story written by T. Sue Versteeg. It peeks into the life of a young woman named Melissa over the course of a weekend.

Melissa is searching for Mr. Right and has been for quite a while. One weekend she is recruited to attend a business conference where she meets Dane (Mr. Right-Now). Dane seems like the perfect man, until Melissa learns he is in possession of a secret that could change everything.

One of the best things about this book is that it is short (13,000-15,000 words) but has a good time-line. It is very clear that it takes place over the course of a weekend and the sex is in unexpected places.

This book is slated to be released mid-late March from FB. (I’m having trouble uploading the picture. Hopefully before the end of the day I’ll have something for you.)