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Blood Ties

13 Mar

If you’re anything like me you miss tv shows that you want to see. You know ahead of time that they’re supposed to be on and then blamo, nothing until after the show has aired. I knew months ago that Lifetime television was premiering a new show called Blood Ties in March. I even posted about it at Jaci Burton’s site. Imagine my surprise when I surfed the web today to see references to the show. A few people asked when it would be replayed, which egged me into going to the web site.

They didn’t have a date posted. Crap! They did have the first hour posted for free on itunes. Yes, I downloaded itunes just to watch this show. It worked great. (Took awhile to load, but it worked wonderfully.) No commercials, just 45 mins of a vampire show. The show was mediocre for me. It didn’t suck completely, but I wasn’t enthralled by any stretch of the imagination. I liked the heroine, Vickie, she was quite capable of snarky comments. At one point she’s watching a woman walk away and says, “somebody give that woman a doughnut please.”

What did I think about it? Well, I keep traveling back in time to when Buffy came out. I liked it, hell who am I kiddin’, I loved it, but it was corny in the beginning. It grew into a great show though. The same can happen with this show. It has many corny elements, but the growth potential exists. I’ll tune in until I feel like the potential has dried up. Blood Ties airs on Sunday nights at 10:00 on Lifetime television.