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Dangerous Games

16 Mar

Favorite Lines: “Have you ever fucked in the middle of a crowd, Morganna? Sat on your Dom’s lap and had his cock slide up your pussy?” (47)

This book is all about the sexual and emotional growth of Clint and Morganna; it is without a doubt a romance. The secondary story is about their attempt to stop a date rape drug from flooding the streets. It is an extremely sexual book that sent shivers through me at times. It features piercings, light bondage, and monogamous sex (all kinds). Lora Leigh uses graphic terms unabashedly. Overall, it’s a good book that I gobbled up. The ending sets up for book number three-this is book 2 (oops) 2, this is the first in the series  three-this is book 2.

Morganna’s brother Reno has been best friends with Clint forever. Morganna and Clint’s sister Raven are best friends too. Morganna has loved Clint for years but Clint refused to give her the time of day. After years of rejection, Morganna decides to move forward and make a life by joining the DEA. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that Clint and Reno are SEALs?

One night, while out at one of his favorite BDSM clubs, Clint spies Morganna on the dance floor. He is furious and turned on. He drags her away intent on sending her home. In the parking lot someone attempts to kill them. What ensues is a race to sex each other up, find the would be killers, and stop the use of the date rape drug.