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Comparing the Past to the Present

18 Mar

I hope you’re ready for a good laugh. I pulled out a journal entry from Nov. of 1990; I would have been 13. In it I wrote one of my first romance stories. Enjoy!

One day I was riding with my mom and father on a wagon train. The wagon was attacked by Indians. The Indians took me and someother kids. I was only 13. There I grew up with the Iriquios. I was luckier then the others. Some were killed others were slaves while I became the chiefs adopted daughter. I grew up with other children my age that were Indians. I had dark brown hair with gold streaks, blue eyes and golden skin. I lived in a little part of the Iriquoi nation. Well on the day I turned 16 a band of Suix Indians attacked and carried me and a lot of the other women with out much fight because the men were hunting buffalow and the only people left were the old men and the women and children. The carried us of and I fell in love with a man. His name was Chief Big Wolf. When all that was happening my father and his men were on thier way to bring us home. So we took the captives and started to our village on the way we met my father Chief Fighting Bear. Chief Big Wolf asked for my hand, and my Indian father let us get married. And we lived happily Ever After.

I copied the spelling and punctuation from my journal. I now have something to compare myself to. Boy compared to this, I’m the greatest writer in the world. BTW, the date I started the story was 11/17/90. The date completed is listed as 12/5/90.