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See No Evil

19 Mar

Favorite Lines: “Montgomery’s pants and boxers were pushed down to his ankles. His legs were spread, his groin a bloody mess.His penis had been removed in a bloody manner, resulting in severe muscle and tissue damage.” (14)

As I read the beginning of this book, I felt as if I were being knocked on the head by deja vu. I can’t put my finger on the book, written in the 90’s, that is similar to this book. I began reading this book quickly. As time passed, the story slowed for me. There was no obvious flaw, it just didn’t move me. There’s another book in this series, but I doubt that I read it. Am I glad that I read it? I don’t care one way or the other.

Julia Chandler burned Connor Kincaid in court years ago. Today Connor is a private investigator who is shunned by the police community he used to be part of. Julia is a rising star in the prosecutor’s office and aunt to a young girl who is charged with a heinous crime.

Murder is the crime. The victims are deliberately picked. It is time for secrets to be revealed, but will the secrets exonerate Julia’s niece or incriminate her?