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22 Mar

Today has started out as an extremely crappy day. Last night I asked my oldest about homework and was ignored before being told that she didn’t have any. This morning she tells me five minutes before we leave for school that she didn’t do her homework. Yes, the homework I asked about last night.

My youngest decided this morning that anything I asked about she didn’t know. She didn’t know where anything was and when she decided to smarten up, she took forever to find/do. After getting rid  taking the girls to their respective schools, I had planned on driving across town to a temp. agency for work. I get almost there and what do you think happens? My car begins to shake. It doesn’t want to shift or accelerate.

I turn the car around and begin the drive home and get stuck behind a man afraid to drive over 25 miles/hr. By this point my car is shaking like mad and I’m scared to death that the car is going to break down before I can get home. I finally make it to the last major intersection (by this point the accelerator is on the floor of the car and the car is sputtering), the car feels like it’s going to die. I pull out my phone to call my mom-just in case- and look down at the power bars. I have  one bar.

I flicked on my hazard lights. The cars are lining up behind me and beside me. The light changes color (of course there’s a tun arrow that I have to wait for first). I’m finally able to drive and the car sputters along. Suddenly, it takes off. To make a long story longer I get home, pop the hood, and check the fluids. My oil is where it should be, but I have no transmission fluid. None at all. I’m hoping that by filling it up the car will run. Cross your fingers for me. (I almost forgot, after I got home I turned the car off, waited a minute, and tried to restart it. It popped right off. No shaking. No smoking. No nothing.)