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Better Day

23 Mar

Today has been much better. The car isn’t 100% but it’s better than yesterday. I topped off the oil, used fuel injector cleaner, and put some transmission fluid in. I drove around the block a few times. I still need to take it to a side road and gun it. I’m hoping that something is blocked and that by gunning it that blockage will disperse.

My oldest did her homework last night. I forgot to tell y’all she passed her pretest in Tae Kwon Do. She is advancing to red belt at the end of the month. That leaves a brown belt and a brown/black belt until she is eligible to test for her black belt.

The youngest, well let’s just say that she topped off the crappy day that was yesterday. She is four going on sixteen. She knows things that most four year olds don’t. She is just like me and boy am I scared. She is stubborn and obstinate. (The same thing that people say about me). By the end of the night I wanted nothing to do with the girl. I put her to bed at 7:30. This morning she was great. She was polite and friendly. I actually enjoyed the time we spent together.

I’m going to switch gears on you now. If you were told the first 30 people who bought an ebook would receive a free copy of a different paperback book from the author, would you buy it? How do you hear about the ebooks you buy? What are a few good online reading group blogs/discussion groups?