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Touched by Darkness

25 Mar

No Favorite Lines.

Six years ago Dr. Kara Cantrell moved to Zorro, Texas with her son. Her son has mystical abilities that were passed on to him by his deceased father.

A malevolent being resides in the same town and Alex, Kara’s son, must learn use his abilities before it kills him.

Damien Morgan is a Sentinel. He is on Earth for one reason, to protect the innocent from the Belians (malevolent beings). He offers to train Alex while he searches for the killer in Zorro.

Someone is possessed and hunting prey. Damien, Kara, and Alex are all that stand between the innocent humans and death. Can this threesome work together to ward off the darkness?

I did not finish this book. It sounded good, but when push came to shove it didn’t work for me. I was  bored out of my mind. Some of my problem with this book stems from the choppy story. The flashbacks are unpredictable and annoying. I start to read about the heroine’s past, and as soon as I’m interested, it flashes back to the present. I’m sure it’s supposed to keep me interested, but all it succeeded in doing was losing me.

I didn’t connect with the heroine or the hero. There was nothing. I didn’t feel sympathy for them, fear with them, or anything to keep me close to them. The heroine has a moment where she acknowledges the chemistry as being the same with Damian as it was with her son’s father.  I didn’t feel the attraction and that ultimately paired with the choppy storytelling, contributed to the demise of this book.