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27 Mar

Dark Horse Comics is giving away two free ecomics and six free desktop pictures. You can find them here.

Fray  is about the new Slayer. It takes the legend of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and fast forwards hundreds of years in the future. The comic book has eight comics making up one book.

What you need to know: Melaka Fray is a thief. She is strong and has a jacked up family. Her sister is a cop who wants her to clean up her act. She is petrified of Lurks (vampires). The comics do a good job of explaining her fear, so I won’t go there. The demon guy in the picture tells Mel that he has been sent to prepare her for the coming war.

Mel thinks he’s crazy. Many of the people in Mel’s world are disfigured, her boss is some kind of merman. Urkonn, the demon, keeps asking Mel about her dreams. Mel denies having them and seems to be ignorant of her destiny.

Destiny is a tricky thing. It doesn’t allow you to change it, or does it?

I loved this comic book. It takes a twist on the Slayer’s world without selling out. The Slayer isn’t naked or big boobed. She’s a strong thief. She has a soft side and a hard side. She is the future Slayer. Dark Horse is selling this book for $19.95 or you can buy it from Amazon for $13.57.