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13 Reasons to buy/read OWW

29 Mar

Thirteen reasons to read One Wild Weekend

1. Joining the Mile high club.

2. Watching a girl have a great weekend.

3. Sex outside.

4. Discovering that work can be fun.

5. You can’t drink on the company’s tab, but Melissa Tanner can.

6. Airport security.

7. Learning a new name for an alarm clock.

8. Help a starving artist, T. Sue Versteeg.

9. Taking a quick breather from reality without spending a lot of money.

10. Tons of drinking over a two three (I’m drunk from reading it) weekend.

11. Instead of veggin’ out on tv, read a book.

12. Life’s too short not to read as much ‘smut’ as you can.

13. One Wild Weekend is a light hearted read that will make you smile.

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