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Dangerous Games by Keri Arthur

30 Mar

Favorite Line: “Piss off and don’t bother coming back for a while.” (56)

Riley is back. After disposing of the many people who are trying to kill her and or use her, it’s time to deal with Gautier. He has issued a challenge that Riley is unable to refuse: find the Butcher or watch a child die. Riley accepts the challenge to find the killer before Gautier. (It’s his sick way of proving he’s better than Riley.)

The game leads Riley to a bartender named Jin, who introduces Riley to the world of pleasure and pain. It’s close to moon fever time for Riley and she knows that she must stay away from Jin or risk all that she is.

Magicians are introduced. Quinn’s past comes to light. Riley makes a decision.

Out of the four Riley Jenson novels, I’d rate Dangerous Games as one of my least favorites. There is very little of Kellan, her wolf lover. I like him but so little is being done about or with him that it irritates the crap out of me. Quinn is being his usual ‘ass’ self. He is so high and mighty that it grates on my nerves. (He pulls some deep shit on Riley, too.)

Arthur shows that more exists in the world than shape shifters and vampires. I’m not overly impressed by this line. I don’t particularly care for the sexual sadist scenes either. The victims of the Butcher are mutilated and it’s not hard to make assumptions about Riley’s fate. Overall, I’m rather disappointed with this book. It didn’t live up to the hype for me.

*The next book sounds excellent.*