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Business Venture

31 Mar

I have a home business idea that I’m pursuing. My youngest has asthma and I used to miss a ton of work. Even with FMLA, my old job got tired of me missing work. Now that I’m ready to enter the working world again, I’ve decided that the best course for me, is to work from home. I’ve recently been told that my editing isn’t a job because I don’t have set hours at a set pay. I disagree that the time and money must be preset, so I’m trying to open a data entry business.

I’ve been writing a business plan, researching marketing and brainstorming like mad. I’ve created flyers and a prototype for a postcard that I want to mail out. The problem is that I’ve got a month to get my first client. A month to prove that it can work, that I can get business. I’ve looked up the businesses that different websites have recommended to see about picking up work overflow. Well, the issue with that route is that my city doesn’t have any of those businesses.

I’m going to type my information from the flyer and would love to hear what y’all think of it.

“Scooper’s Data is a data entry business that is scheduled to begin operations on March 30, 2007. Scooper’s Data will be a sole proprietorship, owned by Stacy Cooper. Stacy left the industrial field to complete a BA in English and found a need for data entry in her community. Scooper’s Data will provide affordable data entry services for the individual and small business.

Scooper’s Data promises a quick turnaround on projects at an affordable price. We will take your paper copies and create an electronic copy for easy access, enabling you to dispose of unwanted/unnecessary excess paper.

Remember Scooper’s Data for all your data entry and word processing needs. We do not charge an hourly fee, preferring to base the fee upon the job.”

 Starting a business, marketing any ideas y’all have would be wonderful.