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Claimed by Shadow by Karen Chance

30 Apr

Favorite Lines: “Then why am I suddenly lusting after every guy I meet?” (128)

Claimed by Shadow is the follow up to Touch the Dark. Karen Chance continues to follow Cassandra Palmer as she learns about the power she received at the end of Touch the Dark.

Cassandra is the world’s top clairvoyant and everybody wants to either control her or kill her. She is still searching for her former owner in hopes of killing the woman he protects, the same woman who keeps trying to change the timeline to erase Cassandra from existence. To top matters off she has just discovered that she is marked by a geis, a magical warning system that scares off potential Continue reading


13 Freebies

26 Apr


13 Freebies: follow the links to different free sample offers.

1.Snuggle exileration fabric softener

2.Caress exotic oil infusion

3.Downy experiential fabric softener

4.Dove ultimate clear deodorant

5.Secret clinical sample

6.Advil P.M.

7.Dial antibacterial soap

8. John Freida anti-frizz serum

9.Crest nature’s expressions

10.Tylenol rapid release formula

11.Folger’s gourmet coffee

12.Sore no more orange body gel

13. Biz laundry detergent

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The Secret Baby Bargain by Melanie Milburne

24 Apr

Favorite Lines: “Her mother had always said that Ashleigh held the record in the Forrester family for the scream that could not only wake the dead but everybody sleeping this side of the Blue Mountains.”(99)

Ashleigh Forrester had a torrid affair with Jake Marriott when she was twenty. She lost herself in Jake and a different country (England) until she found out that she was pregnant. Jake had pounded into her head two facts, he wanted no children ever and he would never get married. So Ashleigh did what most women would do, packed up and ran home to her family in Australia.

Four and a half years later Jake has come to Austraila to bury his father and set up shop in his ancestral home. He hires Ashleigh to find buyers for the huge collection of antiques in the home as he wants nothing to remind him of his deceased parent. Ashleigh now has to decide if she should come out and tell her ex-lover about their child or keep her silence. Making the situation tougher is the fact that her son wants to meet his father. Continue reading

Spammers suck

23 Apr

Has anyone else had an influx of spammers? I’m suddenly getting over 400 spam comments every two days. It’s driving me nuts because I like to go through the spam before deleting it just in case a real comment gets sent there. More irritating is that I use State Farm Insurance and that is the biggest spammer on my account. Well, that and all the porno sites. Then there are the spammers who like to use stupid names like ‘xlkdn’ and ‘eithgi’. What the hell? The spammer comment file has multiple posts from the same names. Take the state farm spammer. He/she posted six times in a row. So, who spams you? How many spammers do you get a day?

13 After school specials

19 Apr

Remember after school specials? Well here are 13, back for a stroll down memory lane.

1. Did You Hear What Happened to Andrea? (The dangers of hitchhiking and the effects of rape)

2. Face at the Edge of the World (Taking a look at suicide.)

3. Ace Hits the Big Time (Musical, kid appropriate version of West Side Story…kinda.)

4. Two Loves for Jenny (A girl moves to the city and falls for a guy only to find out that they are competing for the same music scholarship.)

5. A Matter of Time (Dealing with death and dying)

6. First Steps (Drunk parents and children parenting)

7. Tough Girl (Child abuse, rejection, and growing up)

8. The Night Swimmers (Growing up fast, becoming the substitute parent)

9. A Special Gift (Basketball player who wants to do ballet)

10. The Gold Test (Girls dreams for the Olympics are ruined. She meets someone worse off than herself.)

11. What are Friends For? (The effects of divorce on children)

12. Schoolboy Father (Teens shouldn’t have sex, adoption)

13. My Other Mother (Adoption, growing up)

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Tongue in Chic

18 Apr

Favorite Lines: “I don’t remember what I’m doing here. I’ve probably had some sort of mental breakdown.” (17)

Meadow Szarvas needs a painting her grandmother left behind in a bad divorce decades past. She decides that breaking into her grandfather’s home is the only way to get the painting. She didn’t count on the ancestral home having been sold or that it was being converted into a hotel.

Devlin Fitzwilliam is the new owner of the mansion. He recognizes Meadow as a descendant of  the former owner, a man who relished harassing him as he grew up. Devlin catches Meadow breaking and entering the hotel. He startles her and she falls knocking her head.

Meadow is terrified that she’ll be arrested and tells Devlin that she has amnesia. Devlin assures her that while she might not know who she is, he does. She is his wife.

Tongue in Chic is a hilarious book. I took it with me to a friend’s optometrist appointment and kept choking back laughter. I pretended to laugh at the receptionist when I was really cracking up at the antics of Meadow and Devlin.

Devlin is quick with his tongue (no pun intended) and always has a comeback for mischievous Meadow. There is more to the story than simple revenge on Devlin’s part and more than Meadow’s need for a painting. There is a deeper, darker secret at Waldemar (ancestral home). What? Well, you’ll have to read it to find out! If you want a book that will make you laugh, but has intimate moments worthy of your time you’ll pick up this book. I think there will be a second book in this series, but I’m not sure what it’ll be called or when it’ll come out.

Gas song

17 Apr

Want to hear a funny song about the price of gas? Go here for a free, singing ecard.

I have an idea!

17 Apr

Damn, I’m pretty smart. Well, I feel like I am right about now. This is better than my choose your own romance book idea. Remember those murder mystery dinners? (You have dinner while solving a muder case.) What about dinner and a romance novel? There are two ways off the top of my head that these can be hosted. Continue reading

Wild, Wicked, & Wanton

16 Apr

Favorite Lines: “We have to enjoy one weekend of blistering hot sex. No strings, of course. It’s not like you have to locate and meet the guy of your dreams or anything. You just have to fuck someone.” (13)

Those lines summarize Wild, Wicked, & Wanton. Jaci Burton has penned three highly erotic stories which include a little something of all women’s secret fantasies. Three women have taken charge of their sexuality and chosen to pursue weekends of hot, no bars sex.

They don’t go looking for love, although they aren’t completely shut off from the idea of it. Of all the characters, I liked Callie the best. She is a widow who meets an up-and-coming lawyer. Her lawyer friend becomes her lover and the two enjoy many hours of observing humanity and creating a better future.

Abby participates in a threesome and has to decide if she wants both men or if one is better than two. I like the way the scene is set for the intercourse. There’s no pressure and the emotional baggage that one would assume she felt is well written. I like that Abby was undecided about her feelings towards her participation of the threesome.

Blair airs her dirty laundry, too. She lets the secret behind her love ’em and leave ’em attitude out. She’s been engaged several times, only to bail before the weddings. She is a free spirit that is guided by a deep fear. She has also had a crush on a local cop who feels the same way about her. If you like cops this is the story for you.

Overall, if you’re not in the mood for an erotic book you should already know not to pick up Burton’s book. This book is a sizzler. It is sex scene, after sex scene. The male characters were all likable and lick-able. (Is that a word?) The women were strong; they had to be to follow through with the dares. I like the sexual variety that Burton gives and paired with the variety of women it worked well.

Have you Read…

14 Apr

the Rogue series? It’s written by Alex Archer. I think I saw it a few months ago on the Write Snark’s blog, but I’m not sure. It sounds pretty good and I’m in need of more reading material. I tried to find a web page on Alex Archer but came up short. If anyone has read the book or knows other books written by this author please let me know.

I have a long wish list at Amazon. *sigh* Most of the list won’t be released until summer so I’m going to try and expand my reading list. What are you reading? E-book or paper? Genre?