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Real Men Do it Better

6 Apr

Favorite Lines: “While she might not be sexually fulfilled, outside of an ongoing experimentation with the alienlike attachments that had come with The Probe, the vibrator her old girlfriends had given her as a returning-to-the-hinterlands gift, she was content.” (9)

Real Men is an anthology including Lora Leigh, Susan Donovan, Lori Wilde and Carrie Alexander. Out of the four books my favorite is His Body Electric by Carrie Alexander.

Alexander took a spin that I haven’t read before with her short story. She takes the dark, stormy night and the lone woman on an electrifying journey. The strange man is involved but he has a talent when it comes to electricity. It is drawn to him. Can you imagine where an erotic story like this leads?

Lora Leigh continues her Dangerous Games with the story of Joe and Maggie. If you haven’t read Dangerous Games you don’t want to read this story. It gives away the ending so I’ll say little about the plot. I wasn’t too impressed and wouldn’t buy the book solely for this story.

Bed and Breakfast by Susan Donovan has a stressed out, seemingly jinxed woman into the wilderness. Kate has been ordered by her best friend/boss to attend a new age retreat in order to de-stress. Unfortunately, she arrives a month after the retreat was to held. She arrives in the middle of the night, beats on the door and awakens the lodge owner, Jorie. The lodge is being renovated and flood season has kicked into gear. Will a little wilderness do wonders for the city girl?

Lori Wilde contributes Siren’s Call to complete the anthology. Annie is helping her grandfather at his shop while he recovers from hip replacement surgery. On the verge of an engagement, she is unprepared when a Scotsman from her past puts in an appearance. He claims to have found a treasure map that has been an obsession of her family members, will it become her obsession too?

Overall, this was an okay book. I borrowed it (thank god), so I won’t be reading it again. (No big loss.) I would have been happy buying Alexander’s book as an e-book by itself.