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Shadow Fires

9 Apr

Favorite Lines: “For the first time, Arion found his gaze drawn to her breasts. They were rounded like Jenna’s were, only they were fuller and they had blue nipples…”(41-2)

Catherine Spangler introduces us to Jenna dan Aron. Jenna is a member of the Shielder colonies but she has always been different. She is a seer who has foresaw her own future. It resides with a man from another planet, a Leor. Arion of Saura is a Leor in need of a mate. What he gets is Jenna. Initially he is the alpha asshole, but over time he comes to see that joy and love can be part of Leor life.

The Leor are hybrids; they are half human/half reptilian. They have no hair and are not quite what they think they are. They have a low fertility rate from inbreeding and need fresh bloodlines introduced to ensure their survival. They consider themselves hard and see no purpose in the small things that humans appreciate. They don’t bother with clothing (besides a loincloth) or kissing. This all begins to change, when human women are introduced to Leor culture as part of it, instead of slaves to it. Continue reading