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Kitty Takes a Holiday

10 Apr

Favorite Line: “Oh,God, I’m a hack. An ugly talentless hack, and nobody ever liked me, not once, not ever.” (83)

Kitty is back. After loosing a fight in Denver in book one and being publicly outed in book two, she has returned for round three. Kitty Takes a Holiday picks right up where Kitty Goes to Washington ends. She’s on hiatus attempting to write a book. Someone doesn’t want her to stay in the small town she’s stopped at and he/she is using blood magic to frighten Kitty away.

Ben and Cormac are still around and Kitty kind of/sort of hooks up with one of them. No, I’m not telling which one. She’s dealing with being the poster child for werewolves and has fixated on a rival talk show host. (The talk show host rivalry is the best part of the book.)

I like Kitty, but this book didn’t move me in any fashion. I like that she’s human or realistic. I know I have days when I think like her, the hysterical, self-doubting moments. Despite my connection to her occasional emotional bouts, I feel blah. No trace of adrenaline leaving my body because I was wrapped up in the story. No lingering sadness or happiness. The setting was pretty nice though and I was a little pissy that a character I liked turned traitor. All in all, I won’t be reading this again.