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What a start (filled with whining)

13 Apr

I just got a speeding ticket. What a crappy start to a new day. I was turning on to my street after taking the oldest to school, when the stupid blue and red lights turned on behind me. The kid comes to the car and tells me that I was doing 48 in a 30. Now, I had seen him and of course my eyes dropped to the odometer. It said 40 so I slowed to 35, thinking that was the speed limit. I didn’t argue with the guy, I took my ticket and went home. I called the court to find out how much it’d be and they say they can’t tell me for another week, but after I ask for a price range they say $109-136.

It took two cops to pull me over. That is one thing I hate about living here. There is so little for the cops to do that one cop is never enough. When I drive through town, I get passed in the school zones every day. Do you think there is ever a cop near? I’m just a little bit irritated. I’m trying to rationalize it. You were speeding, regardless of how much. But damn that cop. There are certain times of the year when they set out to trap you and today is one of those days. Now, I’m freaking about how I’m going to pay for it. I really don’t want to go back into a factory and it makes me want to cry.

After all the years in college to get out of the factory, I’m finding myself being sucked back in. Starting a business was a major goal is a major goal. To achieve it I need money. The only jobs around here are in factories. It is a sickening circle that sucks the soul out of a person, namely me. I’ve now got the added expense of a ticket and possibly higher insurance to pay for and it’s looking more and more like I’ll have to return to the factory scene. Well, enough whining for today. I’m going to go cry and feel sorry for myself for a little bit before trying to start the day again.