I have an idea!

17 Apr

Damn, I’m pretty smart. Well, I feel like I am right about now. This is better than my choose your own romance book idea. Remember those murder mystery dinners? (You have dinner while solving a muder case.) What about dinner and a romance novel? There are two ways off the top of my head that these can be hosted.

If you’re a book club you pick a book (Duh!) and after you’ve read it you pick a theme for dinner. Everyone brings a dish based on an idea from the book. It can be food mentioned in the book or food based on an idea from the book. For ex. a man is in prison. A guest to the dinner could bring this, taken from the list of approved food for prison inmates or a cake with a man behind bars on it.

Surprise each other. Make sure that you designate different food groups for each member of the club. By distributing the the dinner dishes you cut down on expenses and ensure a good laugh by not knowing what is coming to dinner.

I don’t know if anyone can talk their significant other into participating for the other version of dinner and a romance. The hostess/hostesses sponsoring the dinner pass out invitations telling members of the group who they are. Based on the book for the month, the guests will dress appropriately. They’ll match the written descriptions of their particular character and assume that persona for the night. This version is more like a costume party/book discussion and would work much better if the men actually read the books. If the men did read the book the group could have a discussion about their individual character. The good, bad and the ugly.

What do you think? Can I sell this idea for a few million?


One Response to “I have an idea!”

  1. Tempest Knight April 18, 2007 at 9:20 am #

    Ooooh! Love this t-shirt! I better check it out and order it.

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