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The Secret Baby Bargain by Melanie Milburne

24 Apr

Favorite Lines: “Her mother had always said that Ashleigh held the record in the Forrester family for the scream that could not only wake the dead but everybody sleeping this side of the Blue Mountains.”(99)

Ashleigh Forrester had a torrid affair with Jake Marriott when she was twenty. She lost herself in Jake and a different country (England) until she found out that she was pregnant. Jake had pounded into her head two facts, he wanted no children ever and he would never get married. So Ashleigh did what most women would do, packed up and ran home to her family in Australia.

Four and a half years later Jake has come to Austraila to bury his father and set up shop in his ancestral home. He hires Ashleigh to find buyers for the huge collection of antiques in the home as he wants nothing to remind him of his deceased parent. Ashleigh now has to decide if she should come out and tell her ex-lover about their child or keep her silence. Making the situation tougher is the fact that her son wants to meet his father. Continue reading